Monday, July 29, 2013

Meant For Growth

Initially what seemed to be just a quick rearrangement of this blog, became a reflection of how this place has changed.

  • Expanded the size by at least 30%.
  • Added a left column to carry all my personal updates.
  • Right column reduced to social corner (though I doubt anyone ever write anything in the chatbox anyway) and blog archive.

Recounting the days, this blog has been with me since late 2006 till now.

It's like a personal diary to me, where I could watch myself grow from time to time.

When I first started in 2006, that was mostly due to blogging being the "hot" thing before FaceBook had existed.

Put together a few friends, an opportunity to improve/maintain my English proficiency, some desires to be funny, and voila - I started writing.

The first two years was all about trying to be as funny as possible.

I was constantly in search of interesting stuffs that happened around me.

Including two bugs mating on the windscreen.

Or desperately trying to look cool.

All thanks to this guy, I started to read and expose myself to the world outside my house, class and computer games.

This fellow is the one that brought me to the world of blogs.

My first friend from university who was mistaken to be the second guy on the moon.

The genius of hardwork. Short, cute, epic and deceptive at times.

Got myself two rabbits.

Brought them to school and they started pooping everywhere in the hallway.

Received perhaps the most useful birthday gift to-date.

Badminton days began.

Fell in love.

Made a choice.

Did some crazy things.

Missed prom because I had no money to buy a ticket.

Nevertheless, those are milestones in my life that constantly tell me that I need to keep growing.

Flying overseas to further my studies had put a halt to my blogging days.

I stopped touching my blog for about 2 years.

Besides studies, there is so much to life than just what my computer can give me.

The time spent in front my computer reduced significantly.

When I had decided to settle down and started writing again, I read my past posts and found priceless records of myself.

From emotional boy:

To Mufasa:

I'm glad I chose to deleted all those posts.

Pretty amusing and defaming at the same time.

All in all, I'm glad that there are people who had chosen to invest their time in me.

Words may not be spoken, but I really appreciate them.

Time flies.

It's just that, how much we are growing within a time frame.

Real growth is painful, and only happens outside comfort zones.